About us

Dovetail provides clinical advice and professional support to workers, services and communities across Queensland who engage with young people affected by alcohol and other drug use.

Our aim is to build capacity by:

  • IDENTIFYING the youth alcohol and drug sector in Queensland
  • CONNECTING its services and workers together, and
  • EQUIPPING them with knowledge, skills, tools and resources to enhance their practice.

These strategies are aimed at both preventing the harms experienced by, and improving the treatment outcomes for, young people affected by alcohol and drug use across the state.


  • To provide an information clearinghouse function for the youth alcohol and drug sector in Queensland.
  • To develop a range of evidence-informed youth alcohol and drug practice guidelines, tools and resources.
  • To provide access to and deliver high quality professional development training, education and facilitation services to workers, organisations and communities across Queensland.
  • To provide professional advice, support and consultation services to any Queensland-based worker or service engaged with youth alcohol and drug issues.
  • To build and/or facilitate strong, effective and sustainable partnerships with a range of institutions, departments, services and programs that result in increased support and service provision for young people.



  • Value of Relationships - We value positive and collaborative relationships above everything else.
  • Shared Unity - We value and facilitate shared unity in service provision to young people across government, non-government and private service providers.
  • Social Justice  - We prioritise those activities that deliver positive outcomes for the most high-risk and disadvantaged young people in Queensland.
  • Harm Minimisation - The entire Dovetail philosophy is underpinned by the principles of harm minimisation.
  • Good Practice - We value and promote practice that recognises the existing skill and expertise of the sector, celebrates diversity, drives creativity and innovation and demonstrates leadership and excellence.
  • Youth Participation - We are committed to maximising young people's participation in the systems, services and communities that affect their lives.
  • Continuous Improvement and Learning - We are committed to learning and continuously improving through action, reflective practice and systematic enquiry.


"Young people in Queensland having access to the full range of information, encouragement and support required to maximise their health and wellbeing, avoid the harms associated with alcohol and drug use and participate fully in their communities"


  • www.dovetail.org.au
    information, resources, tools and examples of good practice in youth alcohol and drug work
  • Dovetail Weekly Digest
    a free email broadcast service containing latest news, research, events and resources relevant to the youth alcohol and drug sector, delivered every Friday morning
  • Training and Forums
    tailored to address youth alcohol and drug issues relevant to your area
  • Practice Toolkit
    a series of Good Practice Guides along with tools and resources for use by frontline workers
  • Support and Assistance
    to services across Queensland in youth alcohol and drug practice and policy


The Dovetail Project Team is based at the 'Biala' Building on Roma Street in Brisbane and comprises 4 staff - a Principal Consultant, a Social Worker, a Clinical Nurse and a Project Officer.

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Dovetail was established in recognition of the need to provide dedicated support and professional development to government and non-government employees working at the coalface of youth alcohol and drug service delivery across Queensland.

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