September 26, 2014


The first national survey of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young peoples' sexual health has just been published.  "The Goanna Survey" looked at knowledge, risk practices and health service access of just under 3000 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people aged 16 - 29 from all over Australia (51% from urban areas, 36% from rural areas and 9% from remote areas).   Overall the study found knowledge of sexual health was relatively high, improving as participants got older.  Conversely, rates of condom use were highest in the youngest age groups: 69% reported using condoms in their most recent sexual contact in the under 20 year old age group, falling to 38% of those aged 25 - 29.  33% of males and 22% of females reported being drunk or high at their last sexual encounter with highest rates of intoxicated sexual activity occurring in the youngest age groups.

Download "The Goanna Survey" here.