February 23, 2017


In December, we conducted our annual Dovetail Customer Survey and we'd like to thank everyone who gave us their feedback. We have to say how heart-warming it has been to read these comments, and it really helps to confirm we are on the right track in how we provide support to the youth AOD sector in Queensland. We are always striving to improve and be innovative in the way we support services, communities and workers on the ground so your needs are met - so we also thank you for your valuable input on how we can do better. The website, weekly digest and the range of training options that we offer all rated highly and 100% of you rated us overall as good or excellent.

Congratulations to Leonie Johnson who was the winner of the Dovetail prize pack!

Thanks again and if you have any other suggestions please feel free to get in touch with us at any time.

See here for a preview of the reults.