Mental Health Resources for Indigenous Young People



The Mental Health Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drug Service have published a new series of brochures for Indigenous young people on specific mental health issues. Following on from their successful range of alcohol and other drug resources from a few years back, these brochures are youth friendly and have been designed in consultation with Indigenous young people. Copies are free of charge, and available from the Alcohol and Drug Information Service on 1800 177 833. Dovetail are hosting electronic copies on our website, so check them out below.

2 Dual Diagnosis (1.7MB pdf)

3 Self harm and suicide (1.7MB pdf)

4 Medicines (1.7MB pdf)

5 Mood Disorders (1.7MB pdf)

6 Psychosis (1.7MB pdf)

7 Trauma (1.7MB pdf)

1 Adjustment Disorders (1.7MB pdf)